Sanac at Vado Ligure

In 1908 Vado Ligure Unit was built by a company named “Costituenda Società materiali Refrattari ing. Enrico Zanelli'' and the production was exclusively of silica refractories.
In 1923, the unit joined ILVA and subsequently was sold in 1952 to SANAC (founded on 10.26.1939). In the '50s, all SANAC shares move to FINSIDER group.

Vado Ligure unit production was approx 2000 t/month of silica products but in 1964 was converted to unshaped and slip cast shaped production. In 1983, for financial reasons, the property is transferred from SANAC SpA to NUOVA SANAC SpA, in 1989 the shares move from FINSIDER to ILVA SpA and in 1995 from ILVA SpA to RIVA Group.

 Sanac Vado Ligure - click on images to view pictures

Vado Ligure plant has a total area of 19,300 square meters, with covered area of 12,400 square meters, and currently employs about eighty people.

The plant is devoted to the production of refractories that include pre-shaped pieces, ready to be used in various plants and unshaped materials supplied in bags, big bags or drums for cements ready to use.
Shaped production, even if it includes several types of shapes and uses, it can be divided into the following three production lines:
  • slip cast shaped
  • pre-shaped;
  • purging plug.

Vado Ligure unit production is mainly focused to steel industry for applications from coke ovens to continuous casting machine and reheating furnaces, but glass industry and metallurgical industries, mainly aluminum production, are also important.

The unit can produce materials based on alumina and silica-alumina which can be added with zircon, graphite and silicon carbide.

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