Cookies policy

Websites of the Group ILVA use cookies and similar programmes to ensure that the web programmes work correctly and to make their online use easier. This document gives you detailed information on how ILVA uses cookies and how you can use them.


Cookies are short text files enabling the web server to store on the device of the user (PC, tablet, smartphone etc.) information, that can be used again during the same session or later or even after some days (permanent cookies). Cookies are stored by the web browser according to the user's preferences.

Similar programmes might also be used, like web beacon, transparent GIF and all forms of local storage with HTML5, in order to collect information on user behaviour and on the use of web services. For the sake of simplicity cookies and similar programmes are gathered under the term "cookie" in this document.

Types of cookies

Cookies are divided into the following categories according to their type and application:

  • Necessary "technical" cookies. These cookies are necessary for a correct functioning of the websites of ILVA. They are used to log in and to access reserved functions of the website. The duration of these cookies is restricted to the session. After closing the browser, they are cancelled. When deactivated, they are not available after the log in, whereas the public area of the website of ILVA is still available.
  • Analysis and Performance Cookies. These cookies are used to anonymously collect and analyse traffic data on the website. Without identifying the user it is possible with their help to assess whether the user visits the same websites at different times. Moreover they make it possible to monitor the system to improve usability and performance. When these cookies are deactivated, all functions are still available.
  • Profile cookies. These permanent cookies make it possible – anonymously or non-anonymously – to monitor the user preferences in order to improve his user behaviour. This kind of cookies are not used on the websites of ILVA.


When visiting a website, cookies belonging to this website may appear, but also cookies of third parties, like the social plugins in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin or like some tools of Google (Youtube and GoogleMaps) and of Yahoo (Flickr). These are buttons generated directly by the a.m. websites and implemented on the host website.

When these plugins are there, the cookies come from and are sent to all the third party websites. The administration of the information collected by third parties is subject to regulations to which we herewith refer. For the sake of transparency and simplicity, here is a list of the websites, where information is given on the treatment of third-party-cookies.

Google Analytics

Some of the components on the websites of ILVA are transmitted by Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a web tool of Google that analyses the traffic in the web. Also in this case it is a third-party-cookie set anonymously, in order to monitor and improve the performance of the host website (performance cookie).

Google Analytics uses performance cookies to collect and analyse information on the user behaviour on the websites of ILVA (including the IP address of the user). This information is processed in order to give to the operators of ILVA an idea of the use of our website and to adapt it to the user's demand. This website does not use Google Analytics to monitor or collect personal identity data and does not authorise third parties to do so.

Further information is available on the following links:

The user may deactivate Google Analytics by installing on their browser the "opt-out" component supplied by Google. For further information on the deactivation of Google Analytics please visit the following website:

Duration of cookies

Some cookies (session cookies) remain active only for the duration of the session. When the browser is closed or when logging out, they are deactivated. Other cookies "survive" the closing of the browser and remain available for the user's next sessions.

These are so called persistent cookies, their duration is determined by the server when they are generated. In some cases they have a set date of expiry, in other cases their duration is unlimited.

On the websites of ILVA persistent cookies are used only to store your express approval of the use of cookies you give by clicking on the info banner. The duration of this cookie is one year.

When navigating on the websites of ILVA there is the possibility of interaction with websites of third parties who eventually generate or modify permanent cookies or profile cookies.

Procedure with cookies

By setting his browser in the desired way, the user can decide if he wants to admit cookies or not.

Note: When technical cookies are totally or partially deactivated, the web services reserved to registered users might be restricted. Public areas on the websites, however, are still usable without restrictions, even if cookies are totally deactivated. Navigation is not restricted in any way, if third-party-cookies are deactivated. Settings might be carried out for different websites and web applications.

High performance browsers also provide the possibility to set own cookies and third-party-cookies differently. Further information is available on following links:

This website does not use profile cookies to record user behaviour. Third-party-cookies are admitted solely for statistical purposes.
By closing this banner and continuing with your navigation you declare that you fully accept our cookies policy.