Sanac at Massa

The Massa unit was built in 1972 in Massa-Carrara industrial area, due to the proximity of dolomite quarry, Marina di Carrara port and the steel plants of Piombino and Genoa-Cornigliano.

Like the other SANAC plants became Riva Group property in 1995 with ILVA acquirement.

 Sanac Massa - click on images to view pictures

Extremely advanced since its construction, Massa unit has always equipped its facilities with the best technology available in the sector.
This has led to the unit to count among its facilities, which include seven islands with a six-axis robots, some solutions, such as a batching line and post-impregnation equipment fully automated, which are unique among European refractory plants.

Massa unit is the only SANAC plant producing refractory plates for ladle sliding gate system, completely designed and patented by the same plant, and able to offer technical assistance for such a system.

One of the biggest European producers and exporters of shaped silica-alumina refractory products and , shaped and unshaped magnesia resin bonded (gunning mass, ramming, etc. ..) for steel production, Massa unit also produces special shapes for converter and electric furnaces, like purging plugs, tap hole blocks etc., designed complying with customer needs thanks to simulations created specifically with the most modern software.

Always at the forefront in production process and research of ever better performances for their products, thanks to the cooperation of the other Sanac units and Riva Group steel plants where products are tested, Massa unit is today one of the most solid reality in its industrial area and in the European refractory industry.

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