Sanac at Gattinara

Sanac Gattinara plant is located along Biella-Lakes road, between the towns of Gattinara and Lozzolo, a few miles from the hills whose clay quarries, after the war, gave rise to the refractories production for steel industry in a plant called SIRCE Refrattari. At the end of 60s SIRCE became Riva property, and immediately it started the unit renewal and the production improvement. Evolution went on in the following years with new types of products and raw materials and, it still continues.

Since 1995, with ILVA acquirement by Riva group, SIRCE worked with ILVA’s refractory company, SANAC, to which was incorporated in 1999. The production unit covers an area of 63377 square meters, of which 19563 are sheltered, and currently it employs 102 people.

 Sanac Gattinara - click on images to view pictures

Important is the production of special pre-shaped pieces. We are able to develop, on customer request, monolithic products for any type of use. We are specialized in the production of injection lances, tundishes dams, nozzles, pig iron desulphurization manufactures, etc. SANAC Gattinara unit operates in the production of aluminous, basic and special (zirconium) shaped and unshaped refractories for steel.

All plants, conveyors, machinery, are equipped with dust extraction systems, realized with bag filters, in order to control dust pollution. All furnaces, dryers, are fed with natural gas, except where it is possible to use ovens recovered heat.

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